my pics from aboard "the mothership".
from the emails i'm getting EVERYONE is saying they had a rip-roaring time aboard their respective inaugural flights.

9V-SKA transported us in extreme comfort and capped it off with a picture perfect, silky smooth landing in sydney!
below is a hastily-put-together collection of some of my pics taken aboard SQ380.
G.L.A.M.A.P.U.S.S !
CNN's richard quest takes a back seat to me!
big screen & brilliant AVOD!
"rr spey" and Ingmar ahead of mark & arnaud
push back & taxi!
ingmar in a "wide body" moment
climbing out over singapore harbour
isabelle chu who "does" inaugurals
a magic moment as my certificate is hand delivered onboard SQ380
this shot defines the atmosphere of the flight.
mark & lee.
mark the "media tart" at it again!
"Mr Whiskey" at 37,000 feet.
as usual!
ben moore engaged in a stimulating
conversation with "Mr Whiskey".
left to right" CJ, CP & steve tashik"
me and the main man, chew choon seng,
singapore airlines CEO
"Mr Whiskey" & "Karl" meet for the first time
(as do ian & miguel!)
me with passenger Number 1, julian hayward
(julian is the old bald guy on the left)
arnaud, julian & mark
(which tends to contradict the caption at left!
up where he belongs in the business class cabin.
(choreography by mark hindle).
support mapendo!
ian's pics
new york fireball nathan fruchter in a rare pensive moment!
nathan receiving his flight certificate
CNN's richard quest and our nathan