the first commercial flight of the airbus a380-800 entered the history books over two days,

thursday 25th october, 2007
friday 26th october, 2007.

it was a 2 leg event, the first of which was from singapore to sydney and the return leg was flown the following day.
singapore airlines auctioned the seats on the inaugural flights on eBay with the total auction proceeds of
AUD $1,600,000.00 going to the charities listed below.
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this website establishes a "shrine" for the those aboard SQ380, the first commercial flight of the airbus a380.

the most popular question we get asked is what motivates a group of people to pay a king's ransom
just to fly on a plane, albeit a very special one.

apart from the fact that we are all aviation enthusiasts the YouTube video below
should answer this question for you succinctly.
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Having had the opportunity to fly the first A380 I reiterate the comments of my fellow passengers with regard to the
spaciousness of the aircraft & its quietness. The comfort of the new economy seats and the leg room provided must set
new standards for the industry.

My most abiding memory was landing back at Changi just before midnight seated on the upper deck and taxing to the
terminal just seemed as though I was yet again on the late arriving 777 from Hong Kong until Michael behind me
reminded me that there are 300+ people below us.

Recently meet up with a sea captain friend who was in the terminal building on the 25th watching the 380 off the gate
and taxi to the runway. As they turned her to position for the taxi to the runway, the gasp from the people there was very
audible when they realized the size and wing span of her. What amused him was a husband and wife, he busy taking
photographs and the wife updating their son who was at the end of Nicol Drive (the road that runs parallel to the runway)
where he was waiting to take photographs of the take off.

Mr. Lung a Singapore based fan of the 380 was also on Nicol Drive waiting to take his photos and according to him if it
had not been for the update from the lady in the terminal they would have missed their chances. All flights before the
A380 they heard the aircraft start their take off roll, but the A380 is so quite they did not realize she was rolling until the shout
of “She Rolling”.

Mr. Lung’s abiding memory of the day is the quietness of the AQ380 the graceful take off climb and his amazement when
I told him they only used 74% power for the take off.

The son of one of my neighbours who works for the local TV network and was providing TV feeds of the take to the BBC,
CNN and Japanese networks also commented on the quietness of the aircraft as she passed them compared to the
smaller Airbus types and Boeing 777’s that took off before and after the A380.
and how do we define the essential element of this inspiring aircraft?

perhaps in the words of "First Flight" passenger Tony Ashworth of Singapore....