Suite 1A: Julian Hayward. Sydney, Australia. Suite 2A: Adam McLeod. Melbourne, Australia. Suite 1F: Gino Bertuccio. Miami, Florida. Seat 14D: Steve Scott. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 14F: Sandy Scott. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 19A: Artemis Shamari. Manchester, U.K. Seat 27K: GT. Aviation Writer from Australia. Seat 33C: Sim Kok Chwee. Singapore. Seat 37D: Michael Dodd. Sydney Australia. Seat 41H: Nathan Fruchter. Lawrence, New York. Seat 42H: Ricardo Pilon. Montreal, Canada. Seat 45H: Dave Katko. Roswell, Georgia, USA. Seat 46G: Anne Cahill. Taringa, Brisbane, Australia. Seat 48C: Hans Albrecher. Vienna, Austria. Seat 49A: Francisco Miramontes. Udine, Italy. Seat 49B: Louis Javier Reynaga. Aguascalientes, Mexico. Seat 50A: Maria de Jesus Miramontes. Guadalajara, Mexico. Seat 50B: Juan Pablo Miramontes. Los Angeles, California. Seat 49H: Kris Trexler. U.S.A. Seat 52H: Luke Anderson. Maitland, Australia. Seat 55H: Nicolas Dirac. Switzerland. Seat 56C: Siraj Omar. Singapore. Seat 56H: Ingmar de Kegel. Haaltert, Belgium. Seat 56J: RR Spey. Singapore. Seat 57H: Ben Moore. Ascot, U.K. Seat 57J: Mark Hindle. Sydney, Australia. Seat 57K: Arnaud Michelin. Sydney, Australia. Seat 58H: Ian Goodwin. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 73H: Guilia Bolognesi. Italy. Seat 73K: Mauro Redaelli. Italy. Seat 75A: Bruce Sivalingham. Perth, Australia. Seat 75C: Tracey Sivalingham. Perth, Australia. Seat 76H: Hanne from Germany. Seat 76K: Ulli from Germany. Seat 80D: Apisit Ritsuebchuea. Bangkok, Thailand. Seat 80E: Garry Burrows. Bangkok, Thailand. Seat 80F: How Chong Jeng. Singapore. Seat 80G: How Chong Peng. Singapore. Seat 81A: Michael Sharwood. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 81C: John Sharwood. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 81H: 9V-SWA. Singapore. Seat 81K: 9V-SWAs Dad. Singapore. Seat 46F: Kieran Cahill. Taringa, Brisbane, Australia. Seat 58A: Tilo Kruger. Ireland. Seat 58B: Eberhard Kruger. Spain. Suite 2F: Kelly Daoud. U.S.A. Seat 40J: Kapil Gupta. Singapore. Seat 40K: Anmol Gupta. Singapore. Seat 40C: Steve Tashik. New York. U.S.A. Suite 3F: Ender Ozsezen. Istanbul, Turkey. Seat 54H: Brad Fisher. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Seat 43J: Ben OBrien. Adelaide, Australia. Seat 53H: Kevin from Singapore. Seat 43K: Matthew Tarrone. Adelaide, Australia. Seat 59B: Sam L. Singapore. Seat 77D: Luke Chittock. Perth, Australia. Seat 26D: Steve Creedy. Sydney, Australia. Seat 55C: Paul Bradley. Toronto, Canada. Seat 53H: Daniel Fung. Sydney, Australia. Seat 48H: Mel Wildman. Doncaster, U.K. Seat 47H: Francis Wu. San Francisco, U.S.A. Seat 40E: Isabelle Chu. Perth, Australia. Seat 47E: Emergency Escape Hatch for Sub-Floor Crew Rest Area. Seat 74H: Yu-Pei LIU-HSU. Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Seat 74K: Jimmy Liu. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 47A: Hugo Luyckx. Wetteren, Belgium Seat 47B: Kathleen Augustyn. Wetteren, Belgium. Seat 39D: Alykhan Virani. Vancouver, Canada. Seat 39E: Atul Gupta. Los Angeles, California. Seat 39F: Sharon Ang. Singapore. Seat 39G: Sharon Angs Dad. Singapore. Seat 39A: Brianna Lee. California. U.S.A. Seat 39B: Sally Glenn-Lee. California. U.S.A. Seat 39C: Thomas Mark Lee. California. U.S.A. Seat 36D: Eamon. New Zealand. Seat 36E: Eamons Girlfriend. New Zealand. Seat 36F: Eamons Dad. New Zealand. Seat 36G: Eamons Mum. New Zealand. Seat 77H: Chris Sloan. Miami Beach. USA. Seat 77K: Oscar Garcia. Miami Beach. USA. Seat 77E: Brian Conway. Perth, Australia. Seat 77F: Franc Henze. Perth, Australia. Seat 77G: Keith George. Perth, Australia. Seat 44J: Richard C Maxwell. Essex, England. Seat 44K: James ONeill. Essex, England.
"Team 380" gathered the night before the first leg at an informal gathering,
about 25 passengers attended poolside at Alligator Pear at singapore's best loved hotel,

The Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore

the moet & chandon flowed freely, courtesy of christian & the crew from
german broadcaster ARD, who covered the event.
almost all who attended were meeting each other for the very first time having flown from all points of the globe
for the first leg of our historic first airbus a380 flight.

one small problem...

did anyone take any photos?
if so could you let me have them so we can pretty-up this page with some smiling faces!
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