Suite 1A: Miguel Soria & Karl Koyote. Grand Canaria, Spain. Suite 3A: Sam Chui. Australia. Suite 2A: Roger. Melbourne, Australia. Suite 4A: Gino Bertuccio. Miami, Florida. Seat 31K: Sim Kok Chwee. Singapore. Seat 36H: Jessie Chen. Singapore. Seat 36J: Kelvin Chao. Singapore. Seat 44C: Bevan Webber. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 46C: Kapil Gupta. Singapore. Seat 62D: John Sharwood. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 62E: Geraldine Sharwood. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 62F: Michael Sharwood. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 72A: RR Spey. Singapore. Seat 72C: Artemis Shamari. Manchester, U.K. Seat 73A: Michael Dodd. Sydney, Australia. Seat 74A: Martin. Singapore. Seat 73H: Greg D. Perth, Australia. Seat 73K: Tony C. Perth, Australia. Seat 76F: How Chong Jeng. Singapore. Seat 76G: How Chong Peng. Singapore. Seat 76H: William. Belgian living in Singapore. Seat 76K: Martine. Belgian living in Singapore. Seat 77K: Georg Burdicek. Vienna, Austria. Seat 80F: John Simmons. Sydney, Australia. Seat 80G: Bronwyn Simmons. Sydney, Australia. Seat 46B: Anmol Gupta. Singapore. Seat 61A: Lorraine Koo Singapore. Seat 74D: Isabelle Chu. Perth, Australia. Seat 47D: Emergency Escape Hatch for Sub-Floor Crew Rest Area. Seat 46H: Chris McDonald. Perth, Australia. Seat 47H: Tim Spahr. Phoenix, Arizona. U.S.A. Seat 27A: Alvin Darlanika Soedarjo. Jakarta, Indonesia. Seat 18K: Mike OConnor. Brisbane, Australia. Seat 82K: Tsentsan. Singapore. Seat 36A: Sam Leong. Singapore. Seat 37C: Jon Veel. Singapore. Seat 36B: Erniza Johari. Singapore. Seat 37A: Bradley Veel. Singapore. Seat 36B: Sam Leongs Wife. Singapore. Seat 82A: Bryan Koh. Singapore. Seat 82C: Lee Guan Sin. SIngapore. Seat 53J: Johannes Ubbink. The Netherlands. Seat 53K: Winnie Ubbink. Singapore.
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if anyone has photos showing tim spahr aboard SQ380 he would love to get a copy
as he was so busy photographing every inch of the aircraft he forgot to have someone take one of
to identify tim follow the "sydney do" link
sydney to singapore